What Is Blockchain Technology and How Does It Work? – The future of blockchain

What Is Blockchain Technology and How Does It Work?

Blockchain is a cryptocurrency trading technology, which is the basis for cryptocurrencies to be exchanged and traded from Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies. Blockchain has promising potential beyond digital currency in the near future. This article is about what is blockchain technology and how does it work? The information shared below yieldnodes.top hope it is useful for investors and want to invest in cryptocurrencies.

What is blockchain technology and how does it work?

Blockchain technology is the technology that gets talked about quite a lot when it comes to the most hyped cryptocurrency exchange of the 21st century. This technology was developed to support Bitcoin, Blockchain is now powering. for the entire cryptocurrency work.

What Is Blockchain Technology and How Does It Work?
What Is Blockchain Technology and How Does It Work?

Blockchain is a digital ledger of traders and is maintained by a network of computers that runs smoothly and is difficult to hack or change. This technology is securely provided to traders, communicating directly with each other without the need for intermediaries such as governments, banks or third parties.

Lists of records are called blocks, using cryptography they are linked together. Each transaction is individually verified by a peer-to-peer network of computers, timestamped, and added to data chains. It will then be recorded by the system and that data cannot be changed.

On cryptocurrency exchanges, it is common to use Bitcoin, Ethereum and a few other cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology has promising applications for legal contracts to sell assets and records or any other industry that needs to authorize and record such actions or transactions.

In-depth explanation of Blockchain technology

For an example using Bitcoin, here’s how Blockchain – and it’s also known as distributed ledger technology – works:

– Bitcoin purchases are entered and transmitted to a network of supercomputers, called nodes.

– This worldwide network of thousands of nodes competes with each other to confirm transactions using computer algorithms. This action is known as Bitcoin mining. The first miner to complete a new block will be rewarded with Bitcoins for their work. The rewards they receive are a combination of newly minted Bitcoins and network fees that are passed on to buyers and sellers. Fees will be adjusted depending on the volume of transactions.

– After the purchase is cryptographically confirmed, the sell based on that is added to a block on the distributed window. The network must then confirm the sale.

– The block will be permanently linked to previous Bitcoin transaction blocks, using cryptographic types and transactions are processed.

Blockchain technology – a combination of three types of technology

Blockchain technology - a combination of three types of technology
Blockchain technology – a combination of three types of technology

– Cryptography: To ensure transparency, integrity and privacy, Blockchain technology has used 2 applications: public key and hash function.

– Peer-to-peer network: Each node in the network is considered as a client and also a server to store and record the application copy.

– Game theory: All nodes participating in the system must obey the rules of the consensus game (PoW, PoS, …) and are motivated by economic motivation.

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Blockchain advantages and disadvantages

What is blockchain technology and how does it work? Blockchain also has pros and cons which are shared below


Delegation of rights

While the US dollar is issued by the Federal Reserve, there is no government agency that issues and controls Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This means that the ability of any government or any authority to decide the fate of a public blockchain is eliminated. The lack of intermediaries reduces those costs, as fees associated with third-party transactions will also be eliminated. In addition, Blockchain works effectively in terms of saving time. Blockchain is open 24/7 and works unlike banks and other intermediary organizations.

Transparency and anonymity

All transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain will be stored on all computers across the network. Transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain are completely transparent. Because the address and transaction history of the Bitcoin wallet (app containing the cryptocurrency) is publicly viewable. But the owner of each wallet connected to those public addresses is anonymous and not saved.

Accuracy and security

Transactions on the Blockchain blockchain have little to do with human factors, so the error in transactions will be lower or almost non-existent. Every transaction has to be confirmed and saved by most network nodes, making it extremely difficult to manipulate or change that information. This also prevents anyone from being able to spend Bitcoins more than once.

Public and Private Blockchain Applications

Blockchain technology makes it so efficient it has the potential to go far beyond digital currencies. For example, Bitcoin is on a public Blockchain network, so anyone can participate. But many enterprise applications can be created on private Blockchain networks, where organizations can control who participates:

– Blockchain Supply Chain: Companies like IBM Blockchain have been providing many private network solutions to use blockchain technology to more accurately track product supply. For example, the company can use this technology to quickly find out where recalled products have been shipped and sold.

– Health care records: Electronic medical records “can improve efficiency and can support health outcomes for patients.” A Blockchain network for electronic medical records suggested by Deloitte Consulting.

– Smart Contracts: Thanks to Blockchain technology, contract terms can be changed or updated automatically based on predefined conditions.

– Digital Voting: Several developers are working on Blockchain technology that can be applied to elections.

– Asset Transactions: There are proponents who say that Blockchain technology can be applied to a wide range of asset transactions be it real estate, cars or other investment portfolios.

Opportunities for poor banks

In countries and regions with poor financial institutions, backwardness or corruption, cryptocurrency based on the Blockchain protocol allows the transfer and holding of cash through unscrupulous third parties.


Crime is like cryptocurrency

As with many new technologies, some of the first companies to adopt were criminal enterprises. They will use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin for payment because of security and aim to target Bitcoin holders for scam.

For example Bitcoin used by a certain consumer, a black market online shopping network for illegal services that was shut down by the FBI in 2013. There have been numerous attacks on companies targeting targets. target to rob and crack the cryptographic system of electronic money, especially Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin investment scams have been skyrocketing. The Federal Trade Commission reported nearly 7,000 people were scammed out of $80 million between October 2020 and March 2021 in super profit offering schemes. Large increase in investment loss compared to the same period last year.

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Cryptocurrencies in the blockchain are very volatile

In the process of investing in cryptocurrencies, have you ever thought, “Is Blockchain a good investment?” That very much depends on your investment goals and risk tolerance. In 2021, the popularity and explosion of cryptocurrencies is very strong, with Bitcoin approaching $65000. But by the beginning of 2022, the price of Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies has halved.

Using cryptocurrencies is still very relevant

Many exchanges, brokers, and payment applications now sell Bitcoin, and many other companies such as PayPal and Microsoft have agreed to use Bitcoin for payments. However, purchases using Blockchain currencies like Bitcoin are still the exception, it’s not the rule.

Additionally, selling Bitcoins for purchase using cash apps is like PayPal’s requirement that users pay capital gains tax on Bitcoins sold, in addition to any taxes paid on products or services.

Bitcoin mining consumes energy

In the process of Bitcoin mining, a high-speed computer network is used, which consumes a lot of energy. Imagine, if the Bitcoin system were a country, it would be a huge consumer of electricity.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced in May 2021 that the automaker will not accept Bitcoin until it can reduce the carbon footprint of the cryptocurrency. The developers of other coins on other Blockchains have come up with a less energy-intensive option.

Bitcoin blockchain is slow

The Bitcoin blockchain can process transactions 7 times per second. For an easier comparison, credit card company Visa says it can process 24,000 transactions per second, according to the company. That causes the Bitcoin system to frequently experience scalability problems.

Other types of cryptocurrency transactions based on other Blockchains are solving this problem.There is a much-anticipated Ethereum upgrade called Ethereum 2.0 that is expected to be capable of handling 10000 transactions per second, up from the current rate of 30 transactions per second.

That is one of what is blockchain technology and how does it work? which you can refer to here.

The future of Blockchain technology

The future of Blockchain technology
The future of Blockchain technology

The Bitcoin system is the most famous application of Blockchain technology, but there are thousands of cryptocurrencies built on top of this emerging technology. While it remains to be seen whether Bitcoin will succeed in being a substitute for other traditional payment methods. The applications of blockchain technology are now growing rapidly and they are valuable in driving the growth of the market. significant changes in the industry.


In this article, I have shared all about what is blockchain technology and how does it work? I hope this will be useful knowledge for new virtual currency investors who still do not understand blockchain well. I think in the not too distant future Blockchain will be popular all over the world. Hope that becomes a reality soon.

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