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passive income

In addition to the ways of making money by popular jobs, there is also an interesting way to make money that is by investing in electronic money, you can earn extra cash flow every month even if you run an urgent job. Especially when inflation is raging the entire economy. Passive income will probably make you a little extra every month. In addition, passive income makes you earn more in good times and if you are unemployed, you can still earn income from it. With passive income, you’ll get money even while you’re pursuing your career or can build a solid source of passive income that can earn you a little bit back. Honestly speaking, passive income will give you more security. If you’re a little worried about being able to apply your passive income savings to retirement, here’s a method that might work and you can get rich from it. attractive to you. There are a few Passive Income Ideas listed below that might help you.

passive income
passive income

What is passive income?

First, you must know what passive income is? Only then can we dive deeper into the ideas section. Passive income includes regular income from a source other than employers or contractors. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has told us that passive income can come from two sources: Rental property or a business in which a person is not required to be actively involved. Like paying book royalties or stock dividends.

“A lot of people think passive income is getting something for nothing.” According to Mr. Todd Tresidder, a retired hedge fund manager and financial coach, he said: “There’s a lot of charm, get rich quick, .. in the end it’s still related to work. Then you just need to pay the work upfront.”

What is passive income?

But in reality, you can pay for one or all of the jobs upfront, but passive income will often include some additional labor in the process. You may have to update your products or maintain them in order to maintain their passive dollar flow.

When you’re committing to this strategy, it’s a great way to generate income and you can create some financial security for yourself along the way.

Passive income is not…

Your job. In general, passive income is not income that comes from things that you are physically involved in, such as you receive a salary from a job.

Is a second job. Getting a second job wouldn’t qualify as a source of passive income because then you would need to show up to do paid work. And passive income is a stable source of income while you don’t need to work much to earn an income from it.

Non-income productive assets. Investing can be a great way to generate passive income, and only if the property you own pays dividends or interest Non-dividend-paying stocks or assets won’t pay off. passive income for you.

Passive income ideas to become rich

Once you’re thinking of creating a passive income stream, take a look at the strategies below and learn what they need to be successful, while also understanding the causes of risk. of every idea

Create a course

A very popular strategy in today’s market for passive income is to create an audio and video course, and then be able to return while being able to make money selling the products. your. The courses can then be distributed and they are sold through various websites such as Udemy, SkillShare and also Coursera.

Create a course
Create a course

In addition to the above models you can also consider the freemium model – a model of building followers with a lot of free content and then being charged for more details or maybe for new subscribers. Who wants more information? For example, language teachers might choose this model for stock advice. Free content that works to prove your expertise to attract people who might take it to the next level.

Opportunity: A course can bring a great source of income, you will make money more easily after a period of time that you spend initially.

Risk: It takes a lot of effort to create a quality product. “To make good money from it, it has to be great and there is no place for the trash out there,” Mr. Tresidder said. You need to build a solid foundation, market your product, and plan multiple products if you want to be successful. A product is not a business unless you are really lucky. The best way to sell an existing product in the market is to create a better product. Nom also said: “When you master a business model, you can create a good source of income

Write an ebook

Writing an e-book is seen as a good opportunity to be able to take advantage of low publishing costs and possibly leverage worldwide distribution to potentially attract millions of potential buyers who can see it. be your work. At that time, e-books may be relatively short, but the cost of creation will be relatively cheap. They will rely entirely on your expertise.

You will need to be an expert or a particular subject matter expert, but those topics can be a niche topic and may use some special skills and abilities that few people offer. But that’s what the reader needs. You can then design a book online or experiment with titles at different prices. It will be like designing a course, they will bring a lot of value when you add more ebooks into the mix. That will attract more customers to your content.

Opportunity: An eBook is not only capable of providing good information and value to the reader, but it is also seen as a way to drive traffic to your other services. Include audio and video courses, other eBooks, websites or they can be worth even more than seminars.

Risks: Then your ebook has to be really strong to gain a following, then there are benefits when you have a good way to market it. As an existing website, the advertisement on the other relevant website, will appear in the media as well as something else. So you can get a lot of work done and get very little in return for your efforts, especially at first.

Although e-books are today considered a very good and useful source of information, it will be very useful if you write more. If possible you can also sell e-books or maybe just use it as one part of your business and use it to reinforce the other parts. So the biggest risk here seems to be that you’ll be wasting your time on the few rewards you get.

Rental income

If it comes to the passive earning system with the idea of ​​rental income, investing in rental real estate is the most effective method. It requires more work than you might expect.

“The 7% solution – You can afford a comfortable retirement” says John H. Graves, an accredited investment trustee (AIF) in the Los Angeles area.

It is shown in this book that the opportunity to earn passive income from rental property is to identify three things:

How much is the return on the investment?

Total cost plus asset cost

The financial risks of owning property

Let’s say your goal is to earn about $100,000 in a year of rental cash flow and have a monthly mortgage of $2000 plus another $300 in taxes for a month, for example. . You need to charge $3,133 in monthly rent to be able to hit the goal.

Risk: Many questions need to be considered such as: Is there a suitable market for your assets? What if you get a tenant who is late paying or could damage your property? What if you cannot rent out your properties? Any of the above factors happening can reduce your passive income source.

The economic recession also poses significant challenges for this. Then you might suddenly have tenants who can’t afford to pay their rent. While you still have a mortgage of your own to pay. Or you will reduce your rent from what it used to be because of the decrease in income. Home prices have risen rapidly in part because mortgage rates are relatively low so that rent won’t cover your expenses. At that time, you will have to consider this risk and prepare backup plans to be able to protect yourself.

Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, website owners are either social media “influencers” or bloggers to promote products to third parties by linking to the products on the web. their website or social media accounts. The major partners to link with the most chosen are Amazon, Ebay, Awin and ShareASale. Instagram and TikTok have become huge platforms for choosing to have many followers to promote products.

 Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

You can also use email to draw attention to your blog and direct people to the products and services they want.

Opportunity: Once a visitor clicks on a link and makes a purchase from a third-party affiliate, the site owner receives a commission. Can range from 3 to 7% commission. So it is possible that there will be significant traffic to your website and you will receive a substantial income.

Affiliate marketing is considered passive income. In theory, you can make money just by adding links to your website or adding to your social media accounts. In fact, you won’t earn anything if you can’t get followers to come to your site to click on the link and make a purchase.

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Flip retail product

Take full advantage of online sales platforms like Ebay, Amazon then, you can choose products at discounted prices in other places that you find. You will differentiate between bid and ask prices in order to attract large numbers of individuals who can track your transactions.

Opportunity: You will be able to take advantage of the price difference in what you find and what the average consumer can find. This can be extremely effective if you have a contact who can help you access discounted merchandise that few people can find. Or you find

yourself valuable items that others have overlooked.

Risks: While a sale can happen online at any time, this is a passive income strategy, but you will definitely have to quickly source a reliable product. Furthermore, you have to invest money in all your products until those products sell. Therefore, you need to have an abundant source of cash. And you have to really know the market information to avoid buying at sky-high prices. Otherwise, you will have to take the product that no one needs or you will have to sell the product at a loss.

Buying real estate or crowdfunding

You are interested in real estate investment but do not want to do a lot of heavy work (management, repair, handling tenants, ..) there is an option for you is crowdfunding for real estate investment. An experienced investment team will then pick out the property and decide to invest in it with an amount you are comfortable with.

You pay an annual management fee for the real estate platform and have a minimum investment that can range from $10 to tens of thousands of dollars.

Opportunity: You will access private real estate deals that can be attractive and they are pre-selected by savvy investors. Your returns can then be arbitrarily tested across platforms, so you’ll have an idea of ​​how much profit you can expect during that time. When you invest in real estate, it helps you diversify your investment portfolio and helps you earn profits more smoothly.

Risk: When you are ready to make your investments on crowdfunding platforms. Because

past returns may be good, it is not a predictor of future success. Then you have to make a judgment on what you need to buy. You have to care and understand its advantages and disadvantages.

In addition, real estate is often financed with high levels of debt, which will be vulnerable to any economic downturn. At that time, you will want to understand how long your funds will be locked, how long to access it, especially in case of an emergency.


Above are a few shares about Cryptocurrency Passive Income Ideas that you are looking for. We think it is very necessary for you to learn about the ideas of investing in cryptocurrency. Hopefully, the above sharing will help you avoid the annoying risks that you are worried about. Good luck on your investment in this passive income platform.

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