Is Yieldnodes Scam or Yieldnodes Legit

Is Yieldnodes Scam or Yieldnodes Legit?

If you are wondering and looking for Is Yieldnodes Scam or Yieldnodes Legit, here is a detailed review for your reference about the Yield nodes application. This is a review of the Yield Nodes experience. Is it perfect or not? Is it a scam or not? are shared in this post.

What are Yield Nodes?

Yield Nodes is a platform where you can increase your fiat or crypto revenue thanks to the Masternoding profits that the company has distributed to members. The company aims to remove risk from the equation because of the fact that there are no day trades involved to generate Masternoding profits to incorporate.

Yield Nodes profitable and proven crisis safe

Yield Nodes is a complex, multi-tier Nodes rental program based on a new Blockchain economy. Participant funds are used to rent servers with main nodes and to generate cryptocurrencies for trading. Since this is a rental program, it should be considered that way.

There is a risk associated with Masternoding but so small you can in fact compound your profits. Profits for members can become very substantial over a certain period of time.

Yield Nodes will join the affiliate marketing and revenue segment.

Company overview

One of the things I like to see when researching any money-making opportunity is to get to know the owner of that company. This gave me the ability to learn about the history and many valuable experiences the owners have.

The CEO in Yield Node is Steve Hermann. He is a successful investor and owns many properties. In addition, he is heavily involved in the revenue market to help others profit from their participation.

In the summer of 2018, the company was founded and launched and has been operating since that time. October 2019, Yieldnodes entered a new phase, Beta Phase and helped members earn a lot of ROI 47.7% till March 2020 just by using Masternoding.

The CEO and company tested everything using a research technique that I’m using, which is absolutely amazing.

What is Masternoding?

Masternoding is basically what one can earn cryptocurrency. For example: there is a certain number of cryptocurrencies that Bitcoin has and these coins are not released at the same time.

There are two ways you can earn cryptocurrency:

– Through proof of work

– Through proof of stake

Proof of Work (POW)

When we talk about “Proof of Work”, we usually talk about cryptocurrency mining mainly.

Mining is a method by which one can earn more cryptocurrency than was originally done and is done by many computers operating with extreme intensity and power. The calculator will solve all the very complicated calculations. When the calculations are done, a small amount of cryptocurrency is awarded.

Proof Of Work (POW)
Proof Of Work (POW)

I’m sure a regular home calculator would be very difficult or impossible to solve for these complex equations. You will have to install your computer hardware with extreme capacity and the amount of power to handle the things you need will be more than you think.

Even if you have the right tools for the job, you need certain coding knowledge. Also, a computer will take a lot of time to mine a small amount of cryptocurrency. Normally, we would need a lot of computers, it would cost thousands of dollars and it would cost a lot of money to have a high processing power that gives you the right ROI. This is the reason for investors not to choose home mining investment.

Proof Of Stake (POS)

Proof Of Stake also earns electronically but in a way other than mining. One method is called “New Mining”, which no longer requires the use of powerful computers to solve complex mathematical equations. You only need to provide “Proof of Stake” in this method, which means you own the cryptocurrency for which you want to receive the reward.

To do this, users have to deposit a minimum amount of crypto that they are using in a certain wallet where the crypto will freeze afterwards and also make a lot of money in the money more electronically. The reward you get for this kind of money generation is called Masternode.

Proof Of Stake (POS)
Proof Of Stake (POS)

Once the Masternode is set up to be a “proof of stake”, the owner must generate a certain amount of cryptocurrency which will be delivered monthly to the owner.

Once the owners receive the newly created cryptocurrencies, the owners can take them to trade for another currency or can choose the fiat currency that you will use later,

How does YieldNodes generate profits?

By using the model and using the POF method but by doing them on multiple coins to generate a solid return. Because cryptocurrencies can increase or decrease in value and those that increase in value will make you more profitable.

Yield Nodes profit in year 2021
Yield Nodes profit in year 2021

There are different cryptocurrencies, but what Yield Nodes does is to research the best masternodes opportunities for maximum monthly returns and use members’ funds to choose the most suitable coin.

While this process requires a certain technical skill that Yieldnodes has acquired towards maintaining security, creating Masternodes as proof of stake and integrity of the system used.

You can choose and use the currencies expertly and to minimize your risk the company has done a lot of research and has selected the best opportunities to earn a steady monthly profit.

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How will YieldNodes spread the risk?

As noted above, any cryptocurrency has fluctuations in its value. What Yieldnodes does is minimize risk by spreading risk with coins that give monthly returns. With higher risk coins, it can bring much higher profits, but if the risk occurs, it is possible to break even or even lose.

Yieldnodes keeps a portfolio of about 14 solid cryptocurrencies for their Masternodes, for a more secure and sure monthly return. Can also be updated with new cryptocurrencies or can remove coins that are no longer producing well to reduce risks.

Currently, Yield nodes are constantly researching to create continuously updated Masternodes for their members.

Although risky but in question Is YieldNodes Scam or Yieldnodes Legit? then the answer would definitely be no scam.

Accumulate your revenue with Yield Nodes

In this section I will mention some of the benefits that Yield Nodes bring in profit when starting my Yieldnodes investment.

Yield Nodes has provided the possibility to participate not only with BTC, but also can use payment cards like Visa or Mastercard to initiate transactions. Another alternative is that they accept payments via direct wire transfer from your bank directly to Yield nodes.

No matter which method you choose, Yield nodes support will take your initial amount to convert into cryptocurrency to use for Masternoding to handle all the behind-the-scenes engineering for you. Meaning you don’t need any prior crypto experience to get started.

Once the funds are deposited, it will take from 7 days to convert your funds into Masternodes to be able to start generating profits from your Masternodes.

Accumulate your revenue with Yield Nodes
Accumulate your revenue with Yield Nodes

Profit will be calculated by the total amount you have in your pool and not by the value or quantity of BTC. Which means even if BTC goes up or down, ROI won’t matter, still based on the Euro amount Yield Nodes convert your initial amount into.

Now you can withdraw the ROI or pool them to earn a bigger return on the next month’s Masternodes profit. Alternatively, you can choose a 100% or 50% re-deposit method, or you choose any percentage you want to deposit back. There will be no specific detail limit on the percentage amount the company sets for you.

One thing to keep in mind for you is that your initial participation amount is locked into Masternodes earnings for 6 months. After those 6 months you will be able to withdraw all your initial participation if you wish and decide that is what you want to do.

However you can withdraw any profit you want or you can also compound to earn a higher profit next month.The maximum term is 2 years on your Masternodes revenue, so it helps you decide to keep your initial participation funds in the system to continue to receive the monthly ROI.

Then after your participating funds reach the 2 year mark it will expire and no ROI will be earned. However, you will continue to make a profit on the funds used from your monthly sales profits. Or any personal grants made after your first deposit, all for 2 years.

This initial participation will include a double effect that will bring you around 236.8% return in the first year assuming an average monthly ROI of 10.7% and if you don’t spend any whatsoever.

The next thing to note is that when you request a withdrawal, you will be paid in Bitcoin. And for those unfamiliar with how to convert your Bitcoins into fiat (your country’s currency), I’ll provide a guide.

There are some members who deposit initially and then deposit more so they have high profits and get higher and higher because their investment is high every month.

There is another benefit that is profitable

Another benefit that participating members will get is participating with newly purchased cryptocurrencies managed by Yield nodes, which is Sapphire coin.

One of the things that cryptocurrencies need to survive and thrive is: care about the coins, community support, real-world use, and making sure people want to buy them.

Sapphire coin is the cryptocurrency dominated by Yield nodes and also one of the main node categories in their investment platform.

The company’s plan is to buy more coins to make them more valuable and help spread interest in the coins they will eventually buy.

Is Yieldnodes Scam or Yieldnodes Legit?

Is Yieldnodes Scam or Yieldnodes Legit?
Is Yieldnodes Scam or Yieldnodes Legit?

There are many aspects where Yield nodes offer it which is different from the ones I have reviewed before, it is quite refreshing. The company also offers affiliate commissions but they only offer 1 level like affiliate compensation plans that do not require retail products or services and typically a structured opportunity. multi-level architecture should be provided.

When someone is referred by you and they deposit with Yield Nodes, you will receive 5% referral commission.

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If you found this review useful, please share this article so that everyone can learn more about Yield Nodes as an investment and also a great opportunity for high returns. I hope you enjoy this review of mine. and learned that Is Yieldnodes Scam or Yieldnodes Legit

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