How To Become Rich by Investing in Crypto and Avoid the risks

How To Become Rich by Investing in Crypto and Avoid the risks

Once you have determined to invest in cryptocurrency technology, it proves that you have aimed to earn more income or you can get rich from it. There is no denying that a crypto trader has become a millionaire thanks to their investment style and ability. Among successful investors, they always have a significant amount of money to try to get rich by investing in cryptocurrencies.

In addition, they also have to accept the challenge when investing here, there will be risks that may not be small. Unless you have a tolerance for risk, investing in cryptocurrencies is not the best for you. But if you are an investor who is always ready to take on great risks with the ambition to become rich. Better yet, you should consider a strategy that can be applied to minimize risk and potentially yield substantial profits. Here are some How To Become Rich by Investing in Crypto things.

How To Become Rich by Investing in Crypto and Avoid the risks

Buy discount

If you are a believer in long-term cryptocurrencies, then you should treat your portfolio like a portfolio of stocks, or when there is a significant drop in the market. crypto market it will happen quite often. It’s supposed to be an opportunity for you to earn more coins and tokens. If you earn and choose cryptocurrencies that are proven to be long-term winners, adding to your investment at a low price will be a great way to build wealth.

There are literally thousands of cryptocurrencies to trade in the cryptocurrency market, but that’s a lot, not most. Then any of these will never be valid. There are times when you may get lucky and can make money from any trade, but if you want to become rich in the long run, then you should choose to invest in cryptocurrencies. Any market has staying power.

It is essential that you read the white paper on any cryptocurrencies you intend to invest in to see how they can connect to the blockchain, what their benefits are, they are better, cheaper and faster than any competitor. This would be the best way to be able to filter out the long-term winners from the losers.

Diversify your company

In essence, cryptocurrencies are speculative investments. Whereas if you are willing to risk your entire portfolio on the same currency. That will lead to increased risk over time.

Just like you should with investing in stocks, you need to take the measure of diversifying your crypto holdings among the cryptocurrencies you research that are likely to last. . This increases your chances of finding long-term winners and can prevent you from blowing up your portfolio.

Trade Day

If you are looking for a high risk/reward option when you are trying to get rich through crypto then consider day trading. Because cryptocurrencies are so volatile in just one day, then you can often make a substantial amount of money. This should not be a loophole because of the high risk that you will most likely have to lose a significant investment.

Investing in stocks will have less volatility than cryptocurrencies. Most of the amateur traders who trade in end up losing money. also because cryptocurrencies will be more unpredictable. The same fate awaits crypto day traders. However, if you have an insight into the trading patterns of cryptocurrencies then you will have enough edge to make some profit.

Become a miner

If you want to make money and get rich from the digital technology model, in general, invest in cryptocurrencies. Instead of speculating directly in the market, one option is to become a miner. There are investors who mine cryptocurrencies by validating transactions on the blockchain. And to do this they will have to solve very complex mathematical equations, requiring a high level of computing ability.

Currency mining

Today, with mining done by companies with vast host farms handling the equations 24/7, it makes it difficult for individual miners to compete. But one way to participate in investing in a mining pool. In it, a large group of investors will pour their money into a large mining operation, which has a greater chance of success. Remember, there are no guarantees in the mining space.

Take advantage of Forks and Airdrops

Forks and airdrops may not help you overnight, but they are a great way to accumulate excess cryptocurrency that can help you build lasting wealth. Airdrops are essentially promoting new cryptocurrencies that developers release to spread awareness and recognition. Forks occur when an existing cryptocurrency can change or upgrade its protocol, then the protocol is issued to holders who currently have new or updated free coins on the network.

If you can participate in one of these releases it is a great way to get free crypto. Make sure you understand the risks of What do I invest in cryptocurrency? Regardless of the steps you take to reduce your risk? Investing in cryptocurrencies is an inherently speculative risk. Once there, some prominent investors, including billionaire Warren Buffett, will see no gains in crypto, as others argue that the entire asset class could eventually collapse to price levels. price stability is zero.

There are also ways to earn income and get rich from cryptocurrencies 


Blockchain will use proof-of-concept (POS) variants that will allow you to earn by contributing your coins. To protect you and lock up your capital, you will then receive an inflation rate of that coin. There are many different types of PoS coins in being able to make and split their rewards – This site will provide a long list of all of them and a link to the respective specifics

The average profit you can get from this model is: 1 – 2% per month, 10 -15% a year.

Then, a specific type of PoS would be delegated proof-of-concept (DPoS), in which people vote for delegates, rather than live betting. This contribution reward tends to be a bit higher in DPoS coins like Ark and Lisk.

How To Become Rich by Investing in Crypto
How To Become Rich by Investing in Crypto

The initial amount establishes fluctuations between currencies; some require that you set up a node that is constantly being done online, while others, for example Ark, only require one-time setup via a digital wallet.

Node staking will often appeal to simpler methods, but in return it is more expensive and time consuming and requires a larger amount to be staking. Assuming you want a passive method of earning extra income, Ark can provide ~10% return for most as no setup besides owning coins and having a delegate.

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Trade, keep

Trade coin is considered a form where investors buy coins at a low price and resell at a high price in order to make a profit, to earn passive income from this array you will have to build a trading team, average profit The average from the trading segment can reach from 10 to 30% per month.

If you choose to trade cryptocurrency this way, then you will decide to buy coins at a low price and wait for the opportunity when the coin price has increased, then sell as you like. This Trade coin period can be as short as a few days, weeks or even in a day, it can also last from a few months to several years called Hold coin.

You also have to have a good Trade System, which means you need to have a reasonable trading strategy that is constantly improving in each period, each time of the market, and the control of emotions does not go up and down according to the market.

In addition, you must have an effective capital management strategy, know how much profit or loss you are making. There must be a clear goal of taking your profits as well as accepting losses.

Cons: You need to have extensive knowledge, take a lot of time, equate with the risk of loss, emotional ups and downs according to the market, and it is difficult to generate passive income.

Notes: Don’t put all your cryptocurrency and buy and sell coins based on feelings, visuals or market rumors.

Obviously, speculative activity will bring a terrible source of profit, but it will also lead to nothing. Therefore, whether deciding to plow Coin or Trading Coin, participants will need a certain amount of knowledge. After learning what cryptocurrency trading is, try to continue to study and constantly improve knowledge, exchange experiences and plan capital management in order to limit the effects of risk.


You can open a cryptocurrency exchange that allows trading of coins and directs fees to members participating in trading, most of which are large exchanges like Binance, … all make money from this.

But to build an exchange, you must have huge resources, the cost to build a website is about 8000 dollars, not to mention the costs of Marketing, promotion, operation, engineering, ..

This is a very good passive income model if you build a large community, but also face a lot of risks such as hackers, standing up to protect the interests of customers, and compensating for damages. harmful, the cost of technology is very high,

Mining coin

To mine coins, it is necessary to have modern machines and equipment for mining. In terms of the “coin mining” world, it is called “virtual money plowing buffalo”.

At that time, “buffaloes” were specialized computers to participate in the blockchain system to get rewards using PoW technology. The coins that you can mine are Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Litecoin(LTC), .. Coins that have an algorithm that allows mining then you can dig.

The average profit from mining is 10-20% per month

Mining coins used to have a time when everyone had a fever because of their mining value. But at the present time, it has become increasingly difficult to solve cryptographic algorithms on coins with fierce competition from mining factories and specialized Antminer and ASIC miners, leading to this market. gradually transferred to SHARKs who are individuals with large capital, large-scale organizations and companies.

In order to solve the current mining problems, the world is gradually opening a new trend that is the smart mining model 4.0, you only need to start with 10 dollars, you can receive profits up to 267%/year and generate income while you sleep.


Investment is a form of using money in funds and types of assets such as trusts, stock investments, corporate investments, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies.

What is the form of fund investment?

This is a form of you investing in shares in cryptocurrency projects, with this size you only need to deposit money and can receive monthly interest, just like depositing money in your bank. Banks mobilize people’s capital and receive that money to invest in other issues to be able to generate greater cash flow and profits, thereby distributing profits to depositors.

In the field of cryptocurrencies, too, business projects in the fields of trading, mining, marketing, building a community to issue their own coins, and opening exchanges to earn profits, in fact, many traditional banks do not. All have trading, Forex, stock, and real estate departments, this is the way they use to multiply investors’ money.

What is YieldNodes? YieldNodes is a multi-tiered, classified Node rental program based on a new blockchain economy with a monthly yield of 8% to 10%. Revenue is generated through a combination of master-noding, price appreciation, and services that work simultaneously to leverage each other in their own ecosystems. Since its inception, YieldNodes has not only grown significantly, but also included other areas for stability and revenue leverage. These include its own listed cryptocurrency, its own decentralized exchange, and a crypto shopping area. Other services, partnerships and business cases are underway.

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What is property investment?

What this means is that you buy and hold assets such as gold, stocks, cryptocurrencies, real estate. These assets have the potential to increase in price in the future, when you start investing at a low price and wait. When it goes up in price you sell it and make a profit.


While all of these strategies can help reduce your risk, you should only invest cash in cryptocurrencies that you are willing to take on the risk. We hope that you will do a solid study of some sound investment strategies. That will How To Become Rich by Investing in Crypto. Make sure you understand the risks involved before you get started! We hope that you will invest successfully so that you can become rich from cryptocurrency. Good luck.

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