YieldNodes Review - Profitable And Proven Crisis Safe

What is YieldNodes?

YieldNodes is a multi-tiered, classified Node rental program based on a new blockchain economy with a monthly yield of 8% to 10%. Revenue is generated through a combination of master-noding, price appreciation, and services that work simultaneously to leverage each other in their own ecosystems. Since its inception, YieldNodes has not only grown significantly, but also included other areas for stability and revenue leverage. These include its own listed cryptocurrency, its own decentralized exchange, and a crypto shopping area. Other services, partnerships and business cases are underway. 

Started as a side project in 2018, YieldNodes entered an extended beta with a carefully selected group of early adopters in late October 2019. 

Over the next 29 months (beta testing and live), YieldNodes generated a 299% profit for those participants - despite the COVID-19 crisis.

yieldnodes performance

This corresponds to an annual return of 120% and for participants who took advantage of the monthly compounding option, a whopping 213.84%.

This output was achieved despite the global economic crisis caused by Corona.

How Does YieldNodes Work?

YieldNodes has a distinct approach to profit for its clients. It makes use of master nodes in its operations. A masternode is a computer that is connected to the blockchain and serves similar functions as other nodes. Masternodes, like other nodes, execute and store transactions on the blockchain. However, masternodes have additional duties and privileges beyond regular nodes

As a result, masternode owners are able to earn greater rewards. The difficulty with this approach is that not everyone can do it. To achieve masternode status, you’ll need a significant amount of money. Most masternodes demand that the operator make a large deposit in the required coins. This is where YieldNodes comes in. They make this process more straightforward and accessible to everyone. The firm is able to generate significant earnings by operating master nodes diligently and employing clever tactics.

Is YieldNodes Legitimate?

Personally, I feel the founders are very clear and transparent. Furthermore, they have invited independent experts to audit their business and confirm the funds are being used as stated; i.e. money is invested in server, masternode and others. They also regularly appear in videos, send monthly updates to members and keep us up to date.

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How Can I Invest In Yieldnodes?

1. Open an account at Yieldnodes.

2. Submit your details to KYC like email or phone, upload ID, proof of address and sign investment agreement.

3. In the 2FA Settings tab - enable 2FA with Google Authentication. Important for safety.

4. Go to your members area and deposit Bitcoin with the amount you want to invest.

5. Wait until the transaction settles and then another seven days until the platform invests your money. You will receive a confirmation email each step of the way.

6. In the Withdrawal tab, define the Auto Aggregate rate and the amount you want to automatically reinvest monthly. Then take advantage of the double effect to increase profits over time.

7. Relax and enjoy recurring profits every month!

What Is The Minimum And Maximum Deposit in YieldNodes?

Minimum deposit amount: 500.00 EUR

Maximum deposit: 250,000.00 EUR

Payment will be made monthly. The contract can be canceled at any time after the 6th month. Deposits and interest are paid in Euros, US Dollars or Bitcoins.

How Do I Deposit Money into YieldNodes?

Since this is a crypto project, we would like to accept Bitcoin deposits.

However, depending on your location, we may also accept USD and EUR via bank transfer and/or card payments (see members area).

How Do I Withdraw Money From YieldNodes?

Withdrawals can be made from the secure members area. Each withdrawal request must be made by the 15th of the month so that we have time to dissolve the main nodes, terminate the server and sell the shares, so the money will be paid to you on the 8th of the next month in Bitcoin. The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 Eur.

>>> How To Withdraw Your Profits From Yieldnodes (Step By Step) <<<

How Can I Withdraw Money from YieldNodes Quickly?

Withdrawal is a simple process however it is only available once per month and there is a delay as Yieldnodes basically need to 'unlock' your funds tied up in the servers and coins needed for masternoding - these servers need to be shut down and associated coins sold to free up your coins for you to withdraw.

Request a withdrawal by the 15th of the month and receive your withdrawal by the 8th of the following month. Note that the deposit will be locked for 6 months, however, the interest can be withdrawn monthly as above.

You can 'emergency withdrawal' within 48 hours for a 25% fee. If you're new to this sort of thing, 'emergency withdrawal’ fees may not sound like such a great thing - but it is! I haven't seen any other program with an option like this; Usually when your coins come in, they stay in - no 'quick release'. Kudos to YieldNodes for providing this feature. The 25% charge is due to the expected loss made by closing nodes etc. quickly and without proper procedure.

Is There an Audit?

Yes. When you're signed in to your account, look at the menu bar on the left, near the bottom. Note that this is from people with a Yieldnodes account and a public presence eg they are a blogger, youtuber, etc.

If you don't have an account, you can click here to register (you don't have to deposit to view the audits).

Yield Nodes FAQs

What is the return on Yield Nodes?

The monthly return varies depending on their success and profitability, however over the past 18 months it has averaged 11% per month. Note that return is NOT guaranteed and Yieldnodes operates in a risky market; cryptocurrency.

In the 5 full months that I have been in this opportunity, the average yield has been slightly above 11% per month.

What is the minimum deposit in YieldNodes?

Yieldnodes peg their system to the Euro and the equivalent of 500 Euro is the minimum you can deposit. This equates to approximately $600 USD or £400 GBP.

Will my profit change based on Bitcoin price?

Erm, yes and no — but probably ‘no’ in the way that you’re thinking!

Most of the cryptocurrency space is effected by the price of Bitcoin, so ‘yes’, the profit Yieldnodes generate will be somewhat influenced by Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets in general….if it’s a bad few months for cryptocurrency, you will likely see this reflected in the amount of profit Yieldnodes make during those months.

However, ‘no’ in terms of your deposits and withdrawals; everything is ‘pegged’ to the Euro. Bitcoin is only uses as the means of deposit and withdrawal.

If you decide to deposit 1,000 Euro, Yieldnodes will tell you how much Bitcoin to send. ie 1,000 Euro worth of Bitcoin at current exchange rate.

If you want to withdraw 1,000 Euro, Yieldnodes will send you 1,000 Euro-worth of Bitcoin at current exchange rate. In theory, if you exchange that to Euro quickly, you would have 1,000 Euro

Is Yieldnodes safe?

Like any opportunity, there is risk involved. Anywhere you place your funds that is outside of your control carries some risk. Even funds in your own wallet can be at risk if you are not careful. You need to personally do some due diligence, assess the risk-reward and make the decision to deposit yourself.

Essentially you are trusting Yieldnodes with your funds and to generate and return you a profit share. I’ve been with them for more than a year now and personally very happy.

Is YieldNodes affected by the crypto ‘bull run’?

A ‘bull run’ is when something takes off and sees fairly constant price increases. So are Yieldnodes returns reliant on the bull run?

Yes & No. Yieldnodes project “5-15% pure profit” per month (and even offers a guarantee if it drops below 5% for 3 consecutive months).

There is certainly potential to see greater than average returns during a bull run and below average returns on a bear run, however Yieldnodes has been operating long before the ‘bull run’, during times when things were pretty flat and even through some of crypto’s darkest hours, when Bitcoin hit one of it’s all time lows, falling below $5,000 USD in March 2020. During this time, their average return has been 11% monthly.

Based on what we have seen, ‘good returns’ are certainly not reliant on ‘bull runs’. That’s not to say that these levels of 11% monthly we’ve seen since 2019 can continue forever, but even a fraction of that is better than most other returns.

How trustworthy is Yieldnodes?

Personally, I feel the founders are very transparent and genuine. They have independent experts to “audit” their business activity and confirm funds are being used as stated; i.e. funds are invested in servers, masternodes and whatnot. They also make regular video appearances, send monthly updates to members and keep us informed.

This is unregulated territory. In general, anything cryptocurrency and blockchain is still highly unregulated – we are in a very early stage market.

Is there an audit?

Yes. When you login to your account, look on the left hand menu bar, near the bottom. Note that these are from people who have Yieldnodes accounts and a public presence eg they are a blogger, youtuber etc.

If you don’t yet have an account, you can click here to register (you do not have to deposit to see the audits).

In future, I’d like to see completely independent auditors.

How do I deposit money into YieldNodes

You can deposit to Yieldnodes by sending Bitcoin (BTC) or use one of the third party services to deposit fiat money (ie USD, GBP, EUR).

There is no deposit fee charged by Yield nodes. Depositing via Bitcoin costs only the network fees and similarly, the fiat services have various fees (all of which are clearly displayed) to handle the transaction.

You can deposit Bitcoin or use third party services that are integrated with Yield Nodes to pay with ‘fiat money’ ie. USD, GBP, EUR. So far, I have used 3 of the methods; (1) First time, I transferred Bitcoin (2) My first bank account deposit was via Coinify (3) My most recent deposit was via Walleteze — this was newly added and the fees are lower than Coinify.

Once your deposit is received, it takes 7 days to get your funds ‘masternoded’ and start earning. This can feel like an eternity when you’re excited, however the good news is that any deposits via compounding your returns are immediate (I’m now just partially compounding & partially withdrawing).

How do I withdraw money from YieldNodes?

Submit your withdrawal request by 15th month and your withdraw will be completed by 8th or 4th of following month in crypto, which you can then exchange for USD, GBP, EUR etc. If you request to withdraw in Bitcoin, your withdraw will arrive on 8th. If you choose Sapphire, it will arrive on 4th.

With Yieldnodes, deposits are locked in for 6 months. The same is true for any further deposits, including deposit via compounding. There is an emergency withdrawal option within 48hours, however this is only designed for emergency release funds and comes with a 25% penalty.

Your returns can be withdrawn on a monthly basis or automatically compounded or both.

There is no fee for standard withdrawals (BTC or SAPP).

How quickly can I withdraw from Yieldnodes?

Withdrawal is a simple process, however it is only available once per month and there is a delay as essentially Yieldnodes need to ‘unlock’ your funds which are tied up in the servers and coins required for masternoding – these servers need to be closed down and the associated coins sold to release your funds so you can withdraw.

Request withdrawal by 15th of month and receive your withdrawal by 8th of the following month. Note that deposits are locked for 6 months, however yields can be withdrawn monthly as per above.

Can I withdraw my initial / deposits?

Yes, however it is locked for 6 months….which means more like 7 months due to withdrawal process.

However, with many other high-yield passive income opportunities you cannot withdraw deposits (you only receive rewards), so this is a big plus for Yieldnodes. Note that every compound is also a ‘deposit’ and so is subject to the 6-month lockup. There is a 48hour emergency withdraw feature however you’ll pay a 25% penalty.

Within your account, click on Withdrawal and scroll down. If you have been a user for more than six months you should see a ‘Transfer Noded Balance’ that you can transfer to withdraw.

What are the Yield Nodes tax implications?

The short answer is that you should speak to a specialist crypto accountant / tax professional. The reason is that some areas of crypto are still slightly grey. You will want someone who fully understands your situation to make the call and have the relevant knowledge to back up any tax enquiry.

How does Yieldnodes make money?

Yieldnodes take a maximum of 15% of the profits they generate through their service and the remaining 85% goes to the participants.  They generate profits primarily through masternoding activates and their entire ecosystem which is ever-growing, including exchange activities and projects they operate themselves and incubate such as SAPP (Sapphire) and third party coins.

Note that all the yield / return figures are quoted AFTER they take their 15%. Ie. the percentage returns you see are the percentages that have been returned to participants (eg the average 11%). Nothing is hidden.

How sustainable is the APY?

Firstly, there is no ‘APY’; Yieldnodes is ‘profit share’, however when you calculate what the APR or APY has been, it’s pretty impressive; 120% or 213% APY (ie. compounded).

How sustainable are these returns? That’s difficult to say. As more and more people join, is there enough masternode and staking rewards to maintain an APY of around 10% per month? I doubt it.

However, Yieldnodes are innovating and working on other things such as their DECENOMY (lots of coins that are currently very low market cap – ie. lots of space for growth), so who knows?!

Does Yieldnodes offer any training?

No. However, it’s not needed; the Yieldnodes platform is extremely easy to use and the user experience (UX) is very good. The site offers answers to FAQs and provides what I would say is a ‘perfect’ user experience – from a user perspective, it’s very simple yet very powerful.

They also send a monthly update newsletter which, similar to their UX is clean and simple.

In future, they plan to offer masternode education via DECENOMY.

Does YieldNodes affiliate / referral programme?

Like most softwares, systems and online products, Yieldnodes has a referral program.

It is a basic ‘single level’ affiliate program that everyone automatically becomes a member and pays the referrer a bonus of 5% on deposits, that’s right — if you register via one of my links (or banner ads), in theory, I should receive 5% commission.

Yieldnodes Updates (Monthly)

There have been some interesting developments with Yield nodes, so I thought I'd start posting monthly updates below.

February 2022 (Yieldnodes profit: 8.3%)

What is happening with Ukraine has hit everyone hard. In this month's newsletter, Yieldnodes noted that although they are apolitical, they still have a hardline stance on humanitarian activism.

The team has been working on implementing a “donate from drawables” feature, and Urs and Steve are committed to contributing 100% of their own funds. (Not YieldNodes money! From their own funds)… and the transfer(s) will be displayed transparently.

donate ukraine

If you have auto accrual and nothing to withdraw (donate!) and you've had an account for more than six months, you may have funds available to transfer - click here for info.

More than ever, I feel very very happy to be a part of Yield Nodes and their DECENOMY. That brings me to… First impressions of the first DECENOMY center in Malta revealed. It will be the place to educate, fund and incubate around masternode projects.

DeDecenomy hub yield nodes

What is a month?! You can sign up here and get monthly copies of their reports/newsletters delivered directly to your inbox - you don't need a deposit to get these

January 2022 (Yieldnodes profit: 8%)

USDT withdrawal option is being added, however there is a 1% fee. The reason is that BTC is the main exchange pair for all masternode coins and therefore the additional risk of price fluctuations etc needs to be taken into account.

December 2021 (Yieldnodes profit: 7.5%)

Improved FAQ section, a surprise gift of 25 EURO for all members - Merry Christmas! Launched Decenomy and Yield Nodes merchandise store: https://decenomy.myshopify.com, 100% of which are included in the masternoding pool.

November 2021 (Yieldnodes profit: 7.2%)

Sapphire (SAPP) added as withdrawal method - exchange SAPP for vouchers and goods (e.g. Amazon, Netflix etc) at sapphireshopping.com and if selected, release on the 4th of the month ( Bitcoin is the 8th)

October 2021 (Yieldnodes profit: 10.1%)

Return to two digits; yes! A new 'audit' was conducted live in Malta during the last week of October by three Yieldnodes customers. Results/reviews are expected within the first two weeks of November. Their report/newsletter also reminds us;

- this is what I really like about Yieldnodes; they never try to 'sell' and they always make sure their listings and members are informed. 

I love the style of these short monthly 'reports'. If you are interested in Yieldnodes, but are not ready to join, you can sign up here and get a monthly copy of their reports/newsletters - no deposit required

September 2021 (Yieldnodes profit: 7.7%)

August 2021 (Yieldnodes profit: 10.6%)

July 2021 (Yield nodes profit: 9.6%)

June 2021 (Yieldnodes profit: 9.1%)

May 2021 (Yieldnodes profit: 7.9%)

April 2021(Yieldnodes profit: 12.7%)

Disclaimer: As with everything on this website, this article is for informational purposes only and is not advice of any kind. I am simply sharing my experience and my opinion for information. I am not a financial advisor and I do not provide investment advice or financial or legal advice of any kind. Cryptocurrencies (and most business opportunities) are high risk. Many of the opportunities I discuss exist in new, high-risk, and unregulated markets. Some methods require a significant investment of time and/or the skills involved. Please do your own research and due diligence; Don't blindly follow anyone! 😉😉😉